Before Attending our Classes or Parties,
please be aware of our Rules:

- Be courteous to the Teacher and the Class.

- A group class is not a Private Lesson!
Please don't dominate the Teacher's time!

- Cell phone ringers MUST be turned off during class

- No Chewing Gum in Class

- No swearing or offensive behaviour

- You must either qualify with us
or receive permission from one of our Teachers to
attend any classes above Level 1 or Basics

- Do be well groomed, have fresh breath, clean clothes, and
bring your best manners!

- We do not discount for arriving late or leaving early

- No unauthorized outside promotions including flyers inside the Hall
or on Cars in the Parking Lot

- No outside promotional e-mail collecting

- Anyone who has ever made any threatening declaration
or gesture to me, my staff, the VFW, or any patron
is forbidden from attending our functions

- We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone who
is causing problems or harassing us in any way!

Any questions - See Brandis