If you are
 standing in front of an Audience,
 a little Dance Choreography
can really
Crank up your Stage Appeal!

Whether you have an entire Stage, 
or only 5 feet around a Microphone

A few bars of music, or an entire piece

Whether you're alone or with a group

A few well-timed and well-staged Dance Steps
can make a big difference in your Presentation!

Whether you're holding a Top Hat & Cane, or a Microphone, Tambourine, Cow Bell or Guiro

If you can move while on stage,
we can turns your moves into Dance!

We have a large repertoire of Dance Styles
appropriate for many Musical Styles -

From Motown to Rock-n-Roll to Pop,
From Classic Theatre Styles,  
to Latin (Including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata)
even Reggae, Country & Dixieland Jazz!

Some of our moves may look very good on you!

(Sorry, we do not have Rap, Hip-Hop or Belly Dancing)