What about something

 Really Different? 

 I have had many

 Creative Couples

who wanted something


Special - Unusual - Surprising

Everything from Argentine Tangos & Milongas,

to a 1920's Charleston complete with Straw Hat, Feather Boa and a Dixieland Band,

to a Jamaican Reggae for a Summer Wedding
(This was to the music of Bob Marley's "One Love, One Heart" - what a great and fun song for a Tropical or Beach Wedding!)

 I've done a Ballad that turned into a Hustle,

a Rumba that turned into a Cha Cha,

 plenty of Fox Trots that turned into Swings,

 Salsas, Merengues and Bachatas.

 One Bride danced a lovely & traditional Danzon with her Dad for the father / daughter dance - complete with a lace fan, and then the music turned into a Cumbia, and then once more into a Salsa.  This was a VERY BIG HIT!

Many Couples and Dance Partnerships have asked me to create a Medley just for them, with different music and different dances, which is always highly entertaining. 

All of this is possible

provided we have enough time and planning...