What about a Waltz?

Waltzes are beautiful,
and are Wonderful for a Wedding

When considering a Waltz, Be sure:

You have at least 2-3 months before your Wedding

The Bride's Gown should NOT be dragging on the ground.  It is best if there is at least 1/2 inch between the the gown and the floor.

The Dance Floor at your Reception Hall should be big enough to show this off  (at least 20' x 20', or 16' by 24', bigger is even better)

Important Note:  In order to Dance a Waltz, you must choose Waltz Music!  And unless you have a year or more of experience, you should pick a Slow Waltz.

Waltzes are a special type of dance music in 3/4 time and a good Slow waltz for most couples is between 84-105 beats or (28-35 measures) per minute

 Contemporary Slow Waltzes include:

Ann Murray's "Could I have this Dance?"

John Michael Peterson's "Slow Dance"

The Forrester Sisters "Their Hearts are Dancing"

Barbara Mandrel's "Tonight"

My time for these private coaching packages is by advance appointment only, and there are weeks where I am completely booked.  I also can only take a certain amount of couples each month, so please don't wait t'ill the last minute to call me!

We begin with a Basic Choreography Package of $350 for
5 private sessions (1 hour each)
Plus 1/2 hour Finishing Lesson

Includes Choreography, Notations, and
any needed musical re-engineering (on CD only)

Additional sessions for the Same Routine can be added for $60 each, or $150 for 3 additonal privates

I like to wrap up your routine no later than 2 weeks before your Wedding date, so Couples should start 2-3 months before their Wedding Date.  

To speak more about this, contact me at brandis@brandisdance.com
or brandisdance@comcast.net