A Ballad is a Slow but Danceable
Love Song in 4/4 time
With a Tempo of Approx

65-85 Beats per minute
(this is much too slow for a Fox Trot)

There are an abundance of Romantic Ballads to choose from and are the number 1 choice of Wedding Couples.

 Here are some Great Choices for a  Wedding Ballad:

"At Last"

 "As Time Goes By"

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"

"Sea of Love"

"Have I Told you Lately that I Love You"  


and many, many others.

My time for these private coaching packages is by advance appointment only, and there are weeks where I am completely booked.  I also can only take a certain amount of couples each month, so please don't wait t'ill the last minute to call me!

We begin with a Basic Choreography Package of $350 for
5 private sessions (1 hour each)
Plus 1/2 hour Finishing Lesson

Includes Choreography, Notations, and
any needed musical re-engineering (on CD only)

Additional sessions for the Same Routine can be added for $60 each, or $150 for 3 additonal privates

I like to wrap up your routine no later than 2 weeks before your Wedding date, so Couples should start 2-3 months before their Wedding Date.

To speak more about this, contact me at brandis@brandisdance.com
or brandisdance@comcast.net