Ruju & Jay
 May 2010

"Have I Told You Lately That
 I Love You"  Rod Stewart

Romantic Ballad


"Jay and I are so thankful that Brandis was able to teach us in such a short time. Like most couples we waited till last min to go to dance classes. But Brandis was efficient and very patient with us. Not only did she make sure our first dance was perfect she even helped us finalize our song.  Thank you so much for making our first dance perfect."     - Ruju   
From Brandis:
It was a pleasure working with Ruju and Jay.  Although I was a little surprised at their choice of a classic American Love Song, it was perfect for the two of them.  Although I love all Bride's gowns, Ruju's gown was incredible and a wonderful way for me to become inspired to create the perfect Wedding Dance for them.  Ruju looked and moved elegantly, and Jay carried off his part from the first step to the final Over Sway with smooth sophistication.

 May you always share the gift of dance and love in your lives!  

Brandis & Jorge Riba