Kristen & Joe
 December 2008

"Now and Forever" Richard Marks

Romantic Ballad


"The routine was easy to remember, and Brandis was able to work with us personally on our wedding song -  Giving us the confidence that we needed to perform our dance routine enfront of our guests.
The experience was incredible.  Brandis took her time repeating the entire routine with us from top to bottom.  She was very thorough in going thru the entire routine this way both the bride and groom felt comfortable with the dance. 
- She was able to relieve some of the nervous jitters that most couples experience when performing their first dance.
- The Brandis Dance Studio also provided us with an incredible routine that our family and friends are still talking about today!
- If you want to feel safe and secure as well as have to confidence necessary for your wedding day then the Brandis Dance Studio is the way to go."
- Kristen & Joe 
From Brandis:
Kristen & Joe are a couple very near and dear to our hearts.  They both traveled long distances to come to our classes, even before their engagement.  I remember when we first met Joe, he was so shy!  But by his Wedding Day, he was so happy and confident,
and Kristen, so radiant and lovely!

We were so happy to see you meet and enjoy dancing together, and happier still to see the two of you enjoying their lives together.  May you always have the gift of dance and love in your lives!  

Brandis & Jorge Riba