Ceflyn & Roberto
 March 2008

"Kiss From a Rose" by Seal



"What we loved about taking classes is that Roberto was able to enjoy himself during our 1st dance.  He came down with a virus two days before our Wedding and was heavily medicated the entire day.   I was afraid he wasn't going to make it throught he night !  But once the dance started ...and EVERYONE started to cheer for us...and we did those complicated turns...it was all good from there.  Thank you SO much for the time you spent with both of us - and with Roberto because he is an organized dancer...Great Job !
                                  -  Ceflyn & Roberto
From Brandis:
Ceflyn and Roberto gave me a challenge with their song - it is a Waltz, but not a typical slow waltz, in fact it was nearly as fast as a European Viennese Waltz. Roberto had no previous formal dance experience, and the Viennese Waltz requires much training and experience. 
We also only had two months, and Ceflyn's gown was also brushing the ground.  Still the song was their heart's desire , and they were willing to take the time and as much training as possible to make this happen.

As the music also had a mintrel quaility to it, we decided to create a Minuet.  This worked out quite well; the Minuet combinations expressed this Waltz music nicely, accomodated the floor length gown, and gave Ceflyn the chance to express her dance ability without being quite so difficult on Roberto.  We also put in some interesting open turns, and I'm thrilled that they were able to pull it off, even with Roberto under the weather !

It is my goal for every Wedding Couple who comes to me to experience cheers from the crowd as they dance on their Wedding Day, and I'm so pleased that Ceflyn and Roberto experienced this.

Good Luck to you both, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Brandis & Jorge Riba